Linux on PPC tools

In order to ease testing and usage of the stuff on this page, I set up my own little deb-file repository for apt. Just add the line

		deb ./
to your /etc/apt/sources.list, and you should be able to access my small package list.

Don't forget to report problems, but also successes.
Thanks and Welcome

A kernel patch for accessing the thermal control chip on ibook2.2 (linux kernel >= 2.6.4).

Note: From kernel 2.6.8, lm-sensors modules support adm1030 chip. So I think there will be no longer need for the adm103x module, but I still use it...

From 2.6.8, I added some ioctl access to the driver. If udev don't handle this automatically, create the /dev node with:

			(for module <1.2.4) mknod /dev/adm103x c 63 200
			(for module ≥1.2.4) mknod /dev/adm103x c 10 131 

How to setup the therm-adm103x driver

A ybin version (based on yaboot 1.3.11 code) which checks yaboot.conf syntax before installing boot partition.

A modernized version of ical (an old calendar/schedule utility)

A modified version of hotkeys : here

Modification :